Integrated E-Commerce Solutions With Web Analytic Tools

E-commerce is unlike a physical store where one can keep a count of how many people came in and how many stepped out. In a website based business, if one wants to count the numbers of customers, then it can be done by counting the number of visitors to that site. However, counting the site visitors and their profiling is easier said than done.
There are many web analytics tools which are available for this purpose. But identifying and implementing the best one is a task in itself.
These monitoring tools can also be integrated with the site during by expert e-commerce solution developers.
Initially these tools would only count the page views, and clicks. Today, the analytics can process the data and present an advanced analysis of the effect on viewership of marketing campaigns. They can segregate the traffic coming from social media campaigns and the one coming from e-mail marketing campaigns or from pay-per-click campaigns.
Some of these tools which e-commerce solutions are using are:
1. Google Analytics
Being a freely available tool, this is tool is the most preferred tools of entrepreneurs. Most of the small and medium businesses owners also prefer Google analytics because it has the simplest user-interface. All the tabs and sections are quite self-explanatory and the tutorials to use it are also aplenty.
2. Piwik
Piwik is an open source analytic tool which provides real-time statistics. It runs on the web servers of the users. This analytic tool is preferred by those who want an inexpensive solution and believe in the shared intelligence as manifested in open source software systems.
3. Webtrends
This is also one of the commonly used analytic tool by e-commerce solution developers. It is considered as one of the effective tools for compilation of trends from circulation by through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.
4. Adobe Site Catalyst
Site Catalyst is a part of the Adobe Online Marketing Suite. It has one of the finest tools for capturing the statistics of video engagement by users. Also it can monitor how many people accessing the site were routed through social media or how many were viewing the mobile version of the website.
5. IBM Coremetrics
This analytic tool provides actionable information for the marketing department of a company and also details about the returns on investment of an advertisement campaign. This analytic tool is provided at enterprise level pricing.
These tools can be conjoined with the e-commerce website by skilled developers. With all these tools, the business can easily access the data about the customers. They can create a profile of the customers like which part of the world they are from. It can also be known that through which platform did they reach -whether social media or an e-mail. With more details about the site visitors, the e-commerce can convert them to real customers and reap profits!
Daniel Jose is Software Development Services expert and has been sharing a proud association with Vcare Software Development (VSD) for long. VSD provides services for following industries like telecommunication, media applications etc. Daniel is currently working as a consultant on E-commerce solution and E-commerce website development